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Intermediate Memberships

If you are under the age of 29, we have a fantastic opportunity for you to join Carrying Place as an Intermediate member.  Annual Dues are only $1570 (plus tax) and there is no House Minimum for 2017. 

Each Membership includes a locker and club storage.

Intermediate Members have the option of purchasing a Membership Certificate (Share.)   Holders of Membership Certificates have voting rights and slightly differently time restrictions on our tee sheet.

Below are the time restrictions for Intermediate Members;


Intermediate (Regular)

Intermediate (Associate)

Monday to Friday

Opening to Closing

10:00 AM to Closing

Saturday, Sunday, Statutory Holidays

10:00 AM to Closing

11:30 AM to Closing

* Regular Members hold a Membership Certificate, Associate Members do not hold a Membership Certificate.