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Intermediate Memberships

The Intermediate payment schedule have been implemented to reflect current trends in Private Golf Clubs and to assist Intermediate Members when making the transition from Intermediate to Full Member by making payments more gradual and less of a financial strain.

1)   The Age of the Intermediate category is 19-35 years

2)   The Intermediate Category is divided into 7 levels (see accompanying chart below)

3)   Upon reaching the Age of 26 years, ALL Intermediate Members will be required to make a contribution towards the purchase of a Membership Certificate (see accompanying chart for details)

4)   These funds will accumulate until Age 35 at which time they will be applied towards the purchase of a Membership Certificate. The price of the Certificate is established at today’s “market rate”. Even if the price of the Membership Certificate increases, this rate will remain constant as long as Membership is continuous

5)   For those Members entering the program at any point after the Age of 26, the final payment towards a Membership Certificate will be the difference between payments received to date and the market rate at the time of joining the club

6)   Should Membership cease prior to reaching the Age of 35, the funds accumulated are NON- REFUNDABLE

Category Age 2022 Annual Dues HST Contribution
Total Amount

Level 1



$325.00 $0 $2825.00
Level 2
26-30* $2500.00 $325.00 $150.00 $2975.00
Level 3
31* $2500.00 $325.00 $225.00 $3050.00
Level 4
32* $2500.00 $325.00 $375.00 $3200.00
Level 5
33* $2500.00 $325.00 $600.00 $3425.00
Level 6
34* $2500.00 $325.00 $750.00 $3575.00
Level 7
35* $2500.00 $325.00 $1050.00 $3875.00