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Rules of Golf

Rules of the Royal Canadian Golf Association govern all play at Carrying Place, except as modified by the Club’s local rules.

Local Rules

All local rules are detailed on our score card available from the starter.

Starters/Marshall Presence

Members are asked to respect the direction of these employees.  Whether they are providing guidance on Dress Code, pace of play or golf course policies.  Their presence is required for the overall positive benefit of all golf members and their guests.  Their direction should be followed.

Golf Course Policies

How golfers conduct themselves on the course as well as how golfers care for the course is called etiquette.

Be on time for the tee time you booked
Play ready golf
Lift your feet on the green
Please rake bunkers, repair ball marks and replace divots. When a fairway or tee divot breaks apart please apply the divot mix provided.
Use trash containers where available or retain any trash until one is available
Be aware of what your partners are doing and where they are
Be aware of location and activity of other golfers on the course to avoid disturbing their play and avoid injury
DO NOT remove the ball from the cup with your putter, this can damage the turn and make putting for the next group difficult.  Only retrieve the ball with your hand or have someone else retrieve it
Do not throw the flagstick.  Place it flat on the green.
PACE OF PLAY: A round at Carrying Place should be played in no more that 4 hours and 15 minutes.
Be mindful of staff working on the course and other players and avoid walking before someone has played their shot
Keep pace with the group ahead of you.  Obvious exceptions would be an open course and a foursome trying to keep up with a twosome.  Be conscious that your pace of play is consistent with the allowance of a 4 to 41/2 hour pace of play
Do not take practice swings that take divots and damage the course
When an open hole or holes exist, allow faster groups to play through.  When a group allows you to play through, do so quickly to minimize further delay
Riding cart rules are covered separately.  Walking players using pull carts or electric carts and not to travel on the tee decks, greens or aprons at any time.

Course Etiquette

Start only with the permission of the Starter or Golf Professionals.
The Starter, Course Marshal and the Club Professionals govern daily course play and regulations.  Replace divots, fix ball marks and rake sand traps.
Groups of more than four (4) players are NOT permitted.  The club reserves the right to maximize tee times by grouping players together.
All players must start from the first tee.  Players are prohibited from cutting in at any time.
The order of play from the starting tee must not be changed.
Players stopping at the Clubhouse for a prolonged period may lose their position.
Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests on the course and in the Clubhouse.
Member’s children under the age of ten (10), must attend an orientation with the Golf Professionals, be accompanied by an adult Member and are subject to the following conditions: Allowed to play any day after 6:00 p.m.; the child must be transported in a cart (walking, caddying and pulling a cart is prohibited); the child is not permitted at any time to drive the cart; conduct of the child is the parent’s responsibility; the parent assumes all risk and liability for injury on the course.

Power Carts

Carts will only be issued from the first tee, and only after the check in process is complete.  Nine hole carts will only be issued on the back nine.
Only two people are allowed in a cart and carts will be assigned by the starter at the first tee only.
The use of power carts may have restrictions for use on days where conditions warrant.  Restrictions will be provided by Starter or Golf Professional or signs posted to govern use of the cart.  When cart rules are “cart path only”, there are no exceptions.
When you reach signs that point carts off the fairway, you must go to the cart path for the balance of the hole.
The use of a cart shall not, under any circumstances, be construed as giving the player or players any special rights or privileges on the course.  No user of carts is permitted to play through except at the invitation of the group ahead and open play exists ahead, as indicated in the Etiquette section.  It is prohibited to skip from hole to hole.
Only players who have a valid drivers license are permitted to drive a cart.
All members and guests who use a cart assume all risk and liability for injury on the course, as well as damages to the couse and equipment.
Carts are to remain on the path on all Par 3’s.  No exceptions.
Carts are not permitted to drive through the parking lots, (except to 10th tee).
Carts must be parked on the path at all greens, tees and as noted by signage in other areas.

Use of carts is a privilege and will be revoked for abuse of these guidelines or other guidelines.  Carts that are used as caddies will be subject to regular cart fees.