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2017 Membership Options

With a variety of options available, there is sure to be one that suits you and your family.

TRIAL MEMBERSHIPS - Join as a trial member and pay only the Annual Dues below.  Experience Carrying Place for an entire season and we are sure that you will want to join as a Full Member.

FULL MEMBERSHIPS - Full Members are required to purchase an Membership Certificate.  We can assist you with the purchase.  Get in on the ground floor as prices are sure to increase in the near future with the construction of our new Clubhouse!  

Annual Dues
HST Total

Full Golf
• Unlimited Golf Privileges
• Seven Days a Week

$ 3,710.00 


$ 4,192.30 

• Includes 12 Rounds of Golf

$ 3,139.00 


$ 3,547.07 

• Ages 19-29
• Some Tee Time Restrictions Apply

$ 1,570.00 


$ 1,774.10 

Junior (Affiliated)
• Ages 10-18
• Some Tee Time Restrictions Apply

$ 264.00 


$ 298.32 

Junior (Non-Affiliated)
• Ages 10-18
• Some Tee Time Restrictions Apply

$ 370.00 


$ 418.10 

Annual Dues are payable each year either in full or Members can take advantage of our installment plan.  Contact the office for more details.

New Members are required to complete and submit a Membership Application which will be reviewed by the Membership Committee before acceptance.  

For more information on Membership Options, contact Steve Elliott, General Manager or Kirsten McFayden, Manager of Administration.