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2022 Membership Options

A Club Membership at Carrying Place is the perfect way to enjoy not only a first class golf course, but also the social pleasures that go with a friendly and welcoming membership. As a Member, you will have access to all of the facilities available and with a variety of membership options, there is sure to be one that fits the lifestyle needs of you and your family.

FULL MEMBERSHIPS - Full Members are required to purchase an Membership Certificate. We can assist you with the purchase.

2022 Annual Dues Rates

Annual Dues



Full Golf

  • Unlimited Golf Privileges
  • Seven Days a Week
$ 4650.00 $604.50 $5254.50


  • Includes 12 Rounds of Golf
$ 3950.00 $513.50 $4463.50


  • Ages 19 to 35
$2500.00 $325.00 $2825.00

Junior Affiliated (Child or Grandchild of Member)

  • Ages 10 to 18 *
$ 425.00 $55.25 $480.25

Junior Sponsored

  • Ages 10 to 18 *
$600.00 $78.00 $678.00
* some tee time restrictions apply

New Members are required to complete and submit a Membership Application which will be reviewed by the Membership Committee before acceptance. 

If you would like more information please contact:

Rich Morel 
General Manager
905-727-5711 ext 101